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Porsche Hickory Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

C Duckett | NC | 2014-09-05

Just traded in our two older Porsche Boxster for a new 2014 model. Got an excellent price from Trevor and Ned was a great salesman and showed me everything on the car. He even rode home with me to pickup one of our older Boxster to take back to the dealership. Really nice dealership and staff.

M Banks | NC | 2014-09-05

Great place to purchase a vehicle. The car was at the Charlotte store and they had it sent to Hickory the next morning. Highly recommend calling Josh Williams.

tsedwar | NC | 2012-07-06

I just purchased a CPO Porsche Cayman S from Paramount. In fact, I traveled from New Mexico to make the purchase! I was completely satisfied with the whole process. From start to finish, I dealt with professionals who treated the transaction with respect and delivered beyond my expectations. The vehicle was exactly as advertised, the price was very competitive and there were no surprises. I would strongly recommend Trevor and the entire Paramount team to anyone considering investing in a Porsche. I would make the 2000 mile trip again without hesitation in order to deal with them.

Frank | NC | 2012-07-06

This was the best car buying experience we have ever had.....and we have bought quite a few cars over the years. Trevor and the others were friendly and bent over backward to be helpful. Since we completed the sale two days ago we have had additional contact with Trevor about some items left in our old car and a few other things and again he has been very quick to respond..immediately...and very helpful.

Ned Gersh | NC | 2012-07-06

Terrific work by the entire team. They had to do a dealer trade with a pretty uncooperative other dealer but they refused to quit and we got the car we wanted.

butlerscabin | NC | 2012-07-06

I had a very good experience at the dealership. It was clean and the staff was friendly. My salesperson was Trevor, he was a very nice young man. He answered all my questions and had good knowledge of the product. Customer service was good. I would suggest to others that this is a good place to buy a car. I also thought that they had good pricing on there products.

Garry Rank | NC | 2012-07-06

I found the 2011 Boxster on the internet after starting from the Porche web site. I contacted the dealership with my call being handled by Trevor. Hickory is 110 miles from my home so it took me a couple of weeks to isolate time to make the visit. Trevor and I communicated 4-5 time during this period. He was friendly with no sales presssure. I made the run to Hickory with the sole purpose to drive the Boxster and allow them to see my 2003 Boxster, I had no intent to buy the car. My mind was changed because of the pricing of the full deal (new car pricing, trade-in allowance and financing package) and the professionalism of the sales team. Their focus on my needs far exceeded the treatment I have received from the Porche dealer that is 3 miles from my home and from whom I have purchased my 2003 and 1999 Boxsters. I have been in my local dealership twice in the last four months looking for a replacement for the 2003, they were of no assistance and had no followup. I am 57 years old and this was the most pleasant car purchasing experience I have ever had. I will return and highly recommend the dealership and sales team to others.

fsmeeks | NC | 2012-07-06

I owned a 2009 CPO Mercedes Benz E350. The car was really nice with every option. But it really was not me. I was in a convertible prior to that and went to the sedan. Costly move on my part. Paramount gave me essentially auction plus pricing. I realize this is a Porsche dealership so unfortunately they are unlikely to resell the vehicle, although I am certain they will have an opportunity at one of their affiliated sites.

I went into the dealership and was not attacked. It was an uneasy feeling, usually you are pounced on and then hounded relentlessly by the car salesman. You get ridiculous emails eg Columbia BMW, that ask 'when are you coming in for a test drive' etc etc I had no idea how to take this professional friendly approach! Very pleasant. You really have to go to the dealership to experience this. Now I certainly do not want to get anyone in trouble but they did not hard sell me on the add on garbage. I am sure they are probably supposed to get you to buy the carpet protection, the extended warranty, the paint protector, the dent wizard, the windshield dings, the xyz add on etc... I think the only potential add on which sounds reasonable is the key loss one because those keys are super expensive if you lose one. So I guess the jury is out on that extra for me, it could be worth it.

The car was advertised as having Bluetooth and technically speaking it had Bluetooth capable, but needed a module. Caleb actually got one from another dealership that worked perfect. This shows a little bit of above and beyond. Usually dealerships play games or try to convince you your car was given a better trade value so you can buy the module with your great savings. Not Caleb. He simply said let me see what I can do. You have to feel good, no pressure, good follow through, honesty.... Hard to think this was a car dealer! Thanks Caleb! Also Andrew handled the paperwork at the end which was nice.

JRFelker | NC | 2012-07-06

On april 7 my wife and I had a bad experience in Cincinnati Ohio at a dealership, found a Cayenne we wanted online on April 8, called next day made a deal with Porsche of Hickory nc ,drove there the next day. Everything was positive from there, Mr. Pletcher walked us thru the deal with no surprises, he sat in the Cayenne and went thru all the features and made sure we knew how to use them.It was so pleasant we returned the next week and bought a 997turbo from Mr. Pletcher. My wife and I have purchased a number of cars and I can say this was by far the easiest and best experience either of us has ever had at any dealership.

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